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Dear Business Owner,

We get it. You're frustrated and disappointed.

When you hired that Shopify designer, you thought they were great, but now you're not so sure.

They keep asking for more money, and you're not seeing the results you wanted. It's like they're guessing, and that's risky for your investment.

Here's a secret: most Shopify design experts don't deliver top-notch work. They settle for average and lack true commitment.

But we think you want more than that, right?

You deserve the best Shopify design.

“The results were fast and our conversions grew. We are proud of what we are releasing and our customers love it. Our public image went from ABN to ACN.”

Gulled Jama
VP at Jama Building Group

“As a new recruitment agency we were struggling to build our brand. After working with Mitora, we were impressed with the results. Our brand is looking great!”

Mohamed Bouhbouh
Founder of 2Hire

“We were quiet one day and the next we were booked out. The team are great to work with and know what they are doing. Really worth the money.”

Josh Pett
Marketing at Cobra Cabinets
Mitora: Cobra Cabinets
Our Process

Our unbeatable strategy for success on Shopify.

Step 1


As you embark on your journey with our Shopify design service, our foremost objective is to provide you with a comforting and reassuring experience. We recognise the substantial undertaking involved in crafting a distinctive and efficient online store, and our initial consultation is designed to dispel any concerns while charting a clear path ahead.

Throughout this consultation, we dedicate time to carefully listen to your business aspirations, design preferences, and specific needs. By gaining insight into your vision and objectives, we establish the groundwork for a personalised design strategy that not only enhances the visual appeal of your Shopify store but also optimises its functionality and user-friendliness.

Through open and collaborative brainstorming, we ensure that your initial consultation sets a positive tone for the entire design process, assuring you that your online business is in capable and caring hands.

Step 2


Our Shopify design service is carefully designed to bring your e-commerce vision to life in a captivating way. We combine creativity and functionality to create a customised online shopping experience that aligns perfectly with your brand's identity. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a cosy and rustic feel, we ensure that every design element reflects your brand's personality seamlessly.

Our service includes user-friendly navigation, responsive layouts, and eye-catching visuals, all aimed at not only improving the aesthetics of your online store but also enhancing its usability and potential for conversions. Enter a realm of limitless possibilities as we craft a Shopify design that amplifies your brand's narrative and leads to remarkable success in the competitive e-commerce arena.

Step 3


We embarked on a journey by first embracing the distinct essence of each brand, mastering the art of transforming visions into captivating digital realms. As the landscape of e-commerce design evolved, we evolved with it, prioritising user experience and aesthetic allure throughout our journey.

Our team's adeptness in harnessing cutting-edge design tools and technologies has empowered us to seamlessly incorporate responsive designs, intuitive navigation, and visually stunning elements. These elements are meticulously customised to enhance engagement and drive conversions.

Step 4


The publishing phase marks a crucial juncture in the Shopify design service journey, where meticulous planning and creative expertise come together to create a fully operational and visually stunning online store.

With a keen focus on the finer points, we meticulously ensure that every element of the website aligns with your business objectives and resonates with your target audience. Before the launch, we conduct thorough testing to confirm the responsiveness of the design across various devices and browsers, ensuring a flawless user experience.

As your vision materialises into a digital reality, our team is poised to assist, ensuring that your Shopify store emerges as a compelling platform ready to engage customers and drive growth.

About Shopify Designers

Why hire a Shopify designer?

Employing a Shopify designer constitutes a strategic investment capable of profoundly enhancing your online business. While do-it-yourself platforms provide convenience, a seasoned Shopify designer introduces a wealth of expertise, metamorphosing your store from a standard template into an exclusive and captivating digital emporium.

By placing your Shopify design in the hands of a professional, you not only acquire an aesthetically pleasing website but also a practical and high-performing platform that distinguishes itself in the fiercely competitive online arena, consequently fostering customer engagement and fortifying the growth of your business.

How can we get in touch?

Just a couple of clicks stand between you and increased leads, sales, and clientele.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the service.
What is the importance of professional Shopify design for my online store?
A professional Shopify design is crucial because it can transform your store from a basic template into a unique and engaging digital storefront. It enhances the user experience, boosts credibility, and ultimately leads to increased conversions and business growth.
How do I know if my business needs a custom Shopify design?
If you want to stand out in a competitive online landscape, a custom Shopify design is essential. If you're looking for a unique brand identity, improved functionality, and a design tailored to your specific business needs, it's time to consider a professional Shopify designer.
Can I still use my existing Shopify theme with a professional design service?
Yes, a professional Shopify designer can work with your existing theme and customise it to better suit your brand and business goals. They can make enhancements and modifications to your current theme to ensure it aligns with your vision.
Will a professional Shopify design service help with mobile responsiveness?
Yes, a reputable Shopify designer ensures that your online store is fully responsive, providing an optimal browsing experience for customers on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.
Will I have the ability to update and manage my Shopify store's content on my own?
Absolutely. A good Shopify designer will provide you with the tools and training to make content updates and minor changes to your website. They can also offer ongoing support for more significant updates or maintenance needs.