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Just a couple of clicks stand between you and increased leads, sales, and clientele.

Put an end to draining your budget on Shopify Ads that yield no results.

Dear Business Owner,

We understand your frustration.

You're facing a dilemma. At first, you thought you had stumbled upon a valuable opportunity when you engaged that Shopify Ads agency.

However, now you're questioning their effectiveness. They keep pushing you to increase your investment in your Shopify Ads, yet you're not seeing the concrete results you expected.

It's as if they're making educated guesses, putting your valuable resources on the line. Allow me to provide you with a confidential insight — the majority of Shopify Ads experts are not up to par. They settle for mediocrity and lack the determination to truly excel.

But, I assume you're not interested in anything mediocre, right?

Your goal is top-notch Shopify Ads, and that's precisely what you deserve.

“The results were fast and our conversions grew. We are proud of what we are releasing and our customers love it. Our public image went from ABN to ACN.”

Gulled Jama
VP at Jama Building Group

“As a new recruitment agency we were struggling to build our brand. After working with Mitora, we were impressed with the results. Our brand is looking great!”

Mohamed Bouhbouh
Founder of 2Hire

“We were quiet one day and the next we were booked out. The team are great to work with and know what they are doing. Really worth the money.”

Josh Pett
Marketing at Cobra Cabinets
Mitora: Cobra Cabinets
Our Process

Our fool proof strategy for success with Shopify ads.

Step 1


Join us as we explore your Shopify Ads objectives, past strategies, and the effective techniques you've employed in the realm of Shopify advertising. We'll gather priceless insights to create a tailored strategy that aligns with your business goals and enhances the efficiency of your marketing budget.

Step 2

Strategy Development

In this session, we will thoroughly explore the obstacles you're facing with your Shopify ads. You'll gain practical insights and expert guidance to promptly enhance your outcomes. Bid farewell to resources being squandered and embrace efficient strategies that lead to noteworthy conversions.

Step 3


The moment has arrived to launch your Shopify ad campaign. This entails a well-thought-out, sequential approach aimed at achieving optimal exposure and impact. This includes implementing A/B testing by generating multiple ad sets with subtle differences to determine the most effective elements. Additionally, it involves selecting ad placements that resonate with the behaviours of your target audience.

Step 4

Measuring and Optimisation

Optimising and measuring Shopify ad campaigns is a strategic process that ensures your advertising endeavours generate optimal outcomes. Throughout the course of your campaign, ongoing surveillance occurs, entailing the examination of key metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement levels.

About Shopify Ads

Are Shopify Ads right for my business?

Incorporating Shopify ads into your business strategy presents a compelling opportunity to amplify your success. With Shopify's robust and user-friendly platform, you can seamlessly showcase your products or services to a vast online audience. These ads enable you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviours, ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time. The versatility of Shopify ads allows you to tailor your campaigns according to your budget, scaling your efforts as your business grows.

How can we get in touch?

Just a couple of clicks stand between you and increased leads, sales, and clientele.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the service.
What are Shopify ads, and how can they benefit my business?
Shopify ads are targeted advertising campaigns designed to promote your products or services on various online platforms. They can benefit your business by increasing brand visibility, driving targeted traffic to your Shopify store, and boosting sales through effective marketing strategies.
How do I set a budget for my Shopify ads?
Setting a budget for your Shopify ads depends on factors such as your business goals, competition, and target audience. Our team of experts can help you analyse these variables and recommend a budget that aligns with your objectives while maximising your return on investment.
What platforms will my Shopify ads be displayed on?
Your Shopify ads can be displayed on various platforms, including social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as through Google Ads. Our services ensure that your ads reach your intended audience across these platforms to maximise exposure and engagement.
Can you help me create compelling content for my Shopify ads?
Absolutely! Our team of creative professionals can assist you in crafting engaging ad copy, designing eye-catching visuals, and developing effective calls-to-action. We understand the importance of captivating content in driving clicks and conversions.
How will you measure the success of my Shopify ad campaigns?
We employ comprehensive analytics tools to track the performance of your Shopify ad campaigns. Key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS) are monitored closely. This data-driven approach enables us to provide you with transparent insights into your campaign's effectiveness and make informed adjustments for optimal results.